wordpress-logo-simplified-rgbVersion 3.7 of WordPress was released yesterday and it is highly reccommended that if you operate a WordPress blog or website that you ensure it is currently running the latest version. ‘Basie’ as version 3.7 is known has a couple of useful new features: firstly the ongoing updates to this version will now be done automatically by the back end, so no more updates until version 3.8 is released (due in December 2013)!

Secondly they have ramped up the password meter to enable longer and stronged passwords to be parsed, and the third and final major improvement is to do with language support and translations for non-english users.

If you’re running a WordPress blog you must ensure you are running the latest WordPress version or otherwise run the risk of having your site compromised, as exploits are continually found and fixed in the newer versions.

Another quick tip to improve your site security is to delete the user named ‘admin’ and create a new administrator account with it’s own distinct name (which isn’t admin) and a long password made up of random characters.

If you run a WordPress site and are unsure of how to update to the latest version or whether you are even running the latest version of WordPress, and would like some friendly advice call us today on 01635 36887 for a chat, head over to the contact page or leave a comment below!

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