a) Domain names are registered for a period of time (“Agreed Term”) between Newbury New Media (“NNM”) and the client (“You”), usually but not limited to 1 year in length. You are automatically entitled to renew Your registration at the close of the Agreed Term.

b) At the close of an Agreed Term, You are entitled but not obliged to re-register your domain with NMM. Domain management can be transferred to other providers at a cost of £5 per domain name. Domain Registration will be automatically renewed unless NNM receive prior instruction via email from You.

c) The Domain Renewal Invoice will be emailed to Your contact address close to expiry of the Agreed Term. The Domain Renewal Invoice will be for an identical period of time and identical level of service. Contact NNM to change any of the details of the agreement.

d) If the Domain Renewal Invoice remains unpaid after 90 days, NNM reserve the right to take control of the domain name for whatever purposes it sees fit. After 90 days from the Domain Renewal Invoice date, should You wish to transfer, administrate or reactivate the domain name You will be liable for an administration fee for late payment, providing NNM have not sold or otherwise disposed of the domain name.

e) The Registrar information will list You as the registrant for the duration of the Agreed Term, NNM will be listed as technical, administrative and billing contact as per the ICAAN protocols.

f) You can cancel at any time however the cancellation will only come into effect at the end of an Agreed Term.

g) You can request a transfer at anytime subject to a fee of £5 per domain name. You will not be entitled to a refund for any time left to expire of the Agreed Term.

h) NNM may use Your domain name in advertising material displayed on the website.

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