a) Website Hosting is leased for a period of time (“Agreed Term”) from Newbury New Media (“NNM”) to the client (“You”), usually but not limited to 1 year in length. You are automatically entitled to renew Your hosting lease at the close of the Agreed Term.

b) At the close of an Agreed Term, You are entitled but not obliged to continue your lease with NMM. The Hosting lease will be automatically renewed unless NNM receive prior instruction via email from You.

c) Hosting renewal invoices will be emailed to Your contact addresses close to expiry of the Agreed Term. Hosting Renewal Invoices will be for an identical period of time and identical level of service. Contact NNM to change any of the details of the agreement.

d) If the Hosting Renewal Invoice remains unpaid after 90 days, NNM reserve the right to take control of the website for whatever purposes it sees fit. You will be liable for an administration fee should You wish to transfer, administrate or reactivate the website after 90 days of the Hosting Renewal Invoice date providing NNM have not sold or otherwise disposed of the website hosting.

e) NNM accept no responsibility or ownership for content, software or data uploaded onto Your Website Hosting and reserve the right to remove illegal content and suspend Your account without notice in extreme cases. If it comes to light there is unlawful content you will be issued with a Take Down Notice with 30 days to act on it. NNM reserve the right to remove content and suspend the account if the Take Down Notice goes unheeded.

f) NNM take no responsibility for the effects of malicious attacks, viruses, malware or other software related problems on Your Website Hosting. You are solely responsible for the data on Your Website Hosting.

g) You can cancel at any time however the cancellation will only come into effect at the end of an Agreed Term.

h) Overage Fees will charged the month after the bandwidth or diskspace was used, Bandwidth overage is charged at £1 per 250mb per month, and diskspace overage is charged at £1 per 100mb per month. NNM accept no responsibility to provide you with website traffic flow information or diskspace usage (This information is all available within your cPanel account).

i) In cases of regular Overage fees being incurred NNM will allow a new hosting package to replace the original one in the Agreed Term.

j) NNM guarantee the server uptime will be no less than 99.9% each monthly cycle. If this target is not maintained NNM will discount the following Hosting Renewal invoice by 10% per 0.1% of monthly downtime below 99.0%.

k) NNM may use Your Website name and address in advertising and marketing material displayed on the website.

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