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ReadyUp.net is one of the UK’s leading gaming websites. Their team of “industry professionals and passionate amateurs” develop a wide range of exciting news, reviews, media and events.

With a policy of maintaining roughly equal numbers of female and male staff, Ready Up provides the broadest range of experience you’ll find in the industry utilising the experience of professional videogame journalists, games programmers and designers and prominent community members.

Sourced from http://ready-up.net/about-us/ on Thursday 31st Jan 2013&lt

In amongst the all that excellent gaming content, make sure you check out our friend Simon Allen’s blogs. His writing is well-researched, backed up by many hours of serious gaming experience and seriously funny!

We specifically recommend checking out Simon’s work on ‘Listing life dangerously’, which includes such gems as ‘The Five Best People to Shoot in the Crotch in Skyrim’ and ‘The Four Most Common Causes of Max Payne Death’

Check out Simon’s blog archive here!

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