Andy is an Illustrator and Lecturer based near London. He works for clients worldwide who like the humour and narrative within his artwork.

Andy feeds his work by travelling widely, collecting experiences in his sketchbook and observing artwork from different cultures. Nature, quotations and the simple pleasures of everyday life are reoccurring themes within his illustrations.

Andy’s artwork has been used for magazine editorials, maps, book covers, children’s books, packaging, websites, advertising campaigns and he has exhibited in London.

Clients include: Vodafone, The BBC, nPower, The Greenbelt Festival, Charlesbridge Publishing, Summersdale Publishing, Arena Publishing, Transworld Publishing, The Reader’s Digest Magazine, A Place In The Sun Magazine, Management Today Magazine, Teacher Magazine, The Health Service Journal and The Guardian.

Check out Andy’s website here – www.ardillustration.com

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