Last time I posted a function to split text content into columns which didn’t really work for lists, images basically anything that wasn’t paragraphs. Not ideal. So below you will find a little function that will break anything it finds in the_content into two columns. Bang!.

 * Columnize the post content
function nmm_add_some_columns($content){
	$doc = new DOMDocument;
	foreach($doc->getElementsByTagName('*') as $node) {
		if($node->nodeName != 'html' && $node->nodeName != 'body') {
			$slices[] = $doc->saveHTML($node);
	if(isset($slices) && is_array($slices)) {
		$breakpoint = ceil(count($slices)/2);
		if($breakpoint >= 1) {
			$output = '<div class="columns first">';
			foreach($slices as $key => $s) {
				if($b==$breakpoint && $breakpoint >= 1) { $output .= '</div><div class="columns last">'; }
				$output .= htmlspecialchars_decode($s);
			$output.= '</div>';	
			$content = $output;		
	return $content;

You can use the same css from last time as an example, however you might want to style your lists, images etc within the columns at wider screen widths…



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