WordPress powers 16.7% of the internet!

Millions and millions of people use it every single day for everything from personal blogs, to fully customized content management systems. The considerable popularity of WordPress is down to the user friendly interface which enables even novice users to begin posting their content. The incredible versatility of the system also allows developers to edit, rearrange, add new parts to and remove existing parts from the standard version.

Download & Install WordPress

WordPress is freely distributed software, click here for the download link.

In order to install and run the software you will need a web hosting account which can support a MySQL database.
Simply upload the file to your web server, unzip it and follow the instructions for the 5 minute installation on this page and you’ll be up and running in no time.

Customize and Personalize

The standard WordPress install comes with a single theme and no plugins which as the administrator you have absolute control over. Admins can make simple adjustments and choose other themes and install plugins as you require however this is also where things can get a bit tricky for a novice, so make sure you regularly backup your files and if in doubt consult the wordpress codex before clicking on anything!

Newbury New Media can save you time and money at this point as we can develop the perfect theme to highlight your content as well as install the functionality your website requires with the minimum of fuss and downtime all at just £25 per hour.


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Click here to choose a hosting package to go with your WordPress Installation!

If you’re horrified by the prospect of editing a few files we can have you up and running on a fresh install of WordPress including the domain name, hosting account and MySQL database all for just £100.

Newbury New Media have currently set up the following WordPress installations to varying degrees of customization:

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