How important is the browser you look at the internet with?

Well it’s similiar in one respect to your choice of car, an outdated, obselete model will get you where you want to go, however it will take an age to do so and things might not quite look so rosy when you arrive there.

The core code for structuring and displaying content on the internet is constantly being modified, revised and upgraded – the latest version, HTML5 is still being refined. This in turn means that using with the latest version of your choice of browser is probably more important than which flavour of browser you choose.

You can check which version you are using by hitting the menu button and finding the “About..” page. If you are using a very old browser (IE8 or less) you can download the new version using the links below.

Which browser is best?

According to this comparison site Google Chrome comes out on top, and recent figures from Wikimedia suggest Chrome is now beginning to edge out its main rivals, Firefox and Internet Explorer, for browser usage on their sites. Personal preference plays a big part too and there’s no point sticking with a browser if you hate everything about it.

I would recommend Google Chrome, it is easy to customize and you can easily import your bookmarks. The browser experience is quick and at the press of the F12 key the developer tools spring up and you can see how everything is put together quickly and concisely.

Mozilla Firefox is perfectly acceptable in every way. However I find it hangs every now and again, the developer tools are bit clunky compared to the smoothness of Chrome and after a while the constant version updates are annoying. Internet Explorer is by far my least favourite as it has an annoyingly small url bar at the top and a habit of mangling perfectly good css code so it displays differently to both Chrome and Firefox.

You can download any or all of the three main browsers below for free and try them out for yourself.


Ditch that old copy of internet explorer and download the latest version of your favourite browser here for free:

Internet Explorer
Download IE9
Mozilla Firefox
Download Mozilla Firefox
Google Chrome
Download Google Chrome

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