Merthen Farm Website Upgrade

I built the original Merthen Farm website a few years ago and was recently asked to alter some of the content, add some new images and make the site responsive for mobile devices.

The original site was perfectly functional, however because of it’s intrinsic structure and Flash navigation menu – which was no longer supported by Apple products, it didn’t translate very well to mobile devices.

Firstly I rebuilt the site to match the previous layout in straightforward html, css and php, stripping out the flash menu and replacing it a nice css transition to retain an effect on mouseover. Next I set about creating a little php function to deliver random images from the gallery to the different pages, before finally adding the elements to make the site responsive for a variety of mobile devices.

The result looks very similar to the original version pictured on the left here but underneath the bonnet it’s a totally different machine: smaller, faster and cleverer! Click on the link to have a look!

And test out the responsiveness by resizing your browser window window

Customer Feedback

  • Thank you to Gordon at Newbury New Media who has just completed a fantastic job of creating our website. He worked quickly and professionally throughout, offering us help and guidance as it was developed which we really appreciated. We are extremely happy with the results and will be happy to use his services in the future as our business grows.

    Roger Miller


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