Gordon Property Services Upgrade

Newbury New Media first worked together with Gordon Property Services to initiate their foray online with the establishment of the gordonpropertyservices.com website in 2012.

12 months down the line and Gordon Property Services now receives more than 50% of his enquiries and new customer contacts through the internet, making his website and internet presence a valuable asset to the business.

Newbury New Media were commissioned to give the website a facelift, add in responsive functionality for optimum display whether the user is on a mobile device, tablet or desktop PC, create in a contact form for direct feedback and customer contact and finally and in the customer testimonials garnered from the excellent service Gordon Property Services provide.

Our design brief was simple and straightforward so we set about arranging the content below the logo,
keeping the colour scheme set down by the business card design, adding in the social icons and making a nice menu (personally my favourite detail of the site is the sliding corner piece of the menu buttons!) and allowing the content to re-size smoothly to the correct dimensions.

Next up we built the contact form and styled the email message it sends, processed and added in a few extra images to the gallery page and re-created the sidebar to include extra links and the customer testimonials.
After added fancybox functionality to the gallery page we were pretty much done and the project was approved shortly after.
Gordon Property Services with really pleased with the new look and layout because the design of their business cards and the new website matched creating a uniform look across their business branding which increases customer recognition.

Newbury New Media are committed to providing the best quality work at highly competitive prices, get in touch today to find out how much a similar project would cost, it might surprise you just as it surprised and delighted Gordon Property Services.

Customer Feedback

  • Thank you to Gordon at Newbury New Media who has just completed a fantastic job of creating our website. He worked quickly and professionally throughout, offering us help and guidance as it was developed which we really appreciated. We are extremely happy with the results and will be happy to use his services in the future as our business grows.

    Roger Miller


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